Warning: Stop using your regular RSI until you read this:

New A-RSI indicator combines Supply & Demand concept and Crowd Psychology to bring about the most advanced custom RSI ever developed.

Replace the regular RSI with A-RSI today, so you can get: MORE winning trades: Checked. MORE pips per win: Checked. False signals: Gone!

  Identify trade setups in ALL market conditions, regardless of when the market is trending or moving sideways…

  Pin-point pullback and reversal entries even before the price starts moving…

  Detect trend reversals by spotting divergences early to enter highly profitable trades.

  Be safeguarded against false signals…


What exactly is this indicator?

Take the classic, well known RSI, fused with our peculiar tweaks, and here you have the A-RSI, an absolute beast that identifies when prices change direction with laser accuracy…

… and it works in both trending and sideways markets.

In a nutshell, A-RSI is the more advanced, more versatile, more accurate and more profitable version of the classic RSI indicator.

It is a great tool that fits perfectly in any trading strategy, be it reversal, range or trend trading.

Here’s how it works:

In ALL market conditions, A-RSI helps predict when the price changes direction well before they happen.

When the market is moving sideways, it’s difficult to make money because of the small movements and low volatility.

When the market is trending, it’s tricky to identify good entry points which come after a short counter-trend move or a period of consolidation.

That’s exactly when A-RSI comes in handy, because…

It predicts price corrections before they take place… So you can identify great trade opportunities and net sizeable profits.

A-RSI is built on the classic, super well known Relative Strength Index (RSI), which first became a hit in 1978.

RSI measures recent price changes to identify overbought or oversold conditions, which signal an imminent price correction.

As simple as it seems, the idea behind it is so elegant that Tom, a veteran analyst on our team, got so obsessed with RSI…

He vowed to make it better…

… and he did it…

After years of painstaking trials and errors… Tom finally made the breakthrough last September.

… by fusing the timeless economic principle of Supply and Demand with RSI… and A-RSI was born…

A-RSI Shoots Accuracy Through The Roof…

You see, every single market is driven by the law of supply and demand…

When supply is larger than demand, the price drops…

When demand is more than supply, the price rises…

By tweaking the calculations of RSI to account for not only overbought or oversold conditions, but also the prevailing supply and demand, A-RSI becomes much much more sensitive to price changes.

In fact…

A-RSI spots many great trade setups that RSI can miss…

From the chart above, A-RSI identified the first bullish alert, while the classic RSI missed that trade setup. After that, A-RSI spotted 3 bearish alerts as pullback entries, but the classic RSI also missed those great trade setups.

But Tom didn’t stop at just that…

He added just another tweak – a little-known noise elimination algorithm that…

… weed out false signals and make A-RSI even more sensitive to many variations of price changes.

You can see from the chart above, the 2 bearish alerts given by the classic RSI were false signals, because the market moved sideways or upward right after the alerts. The 2 bullish alerts given by A-RSI were still accurate, because the price moved upward after that.

During our intensive and extensive tests, A-RSI outperforms RSI by MILES…

A-RSI could predict market turning points at least one or two candles before the price corrections take place.

It helps you net more profits and at the same time, avoid potential losses caused by false signals.

Have a look at this exciting chart below.

I’m super excited with this amazing indicator so that I could go on for days and nights about it, but let me be short and share with you some of my personal trading strategies you can easily apply this to…

Identify great pullback entries when the market is trending.

Profiting with this classic pullback trading is harder than it looks.

However, A-RSI makes it much easier for you.

In trending markets, A-RSI could be the easiest way to profit from trading pullbacks. It gives you low-risk entries with perfect reward-to-risk ratio.

My personal trading rule is simple:

In an uptrend, enter when the A-RSI indicator signals oversold conditions (its value is below -0.7). And in a downtrend, enter when the indicator signals overbought conditions (its value is above +0.7).

The blue or red arrow flagged by A-RSI indicates the position where a price correction takes place. The price will reverse after a pullback and move in the direction of the prevailing trend.

Probably the most effective indicator for spotting divergences and trend reversals

A-RSI is very useful for detecting divergences which may be great signals for the beginning of major uptrends/downtrends.

When a bullish divergence is detected, the current downtrend is exhausted and we can expect a trend reversal. That could be the beginning of a new major uptrend.

Likewise, when a bearish divergence is detected, the existing uptrend is weakened. And we can expect the price to reverse and start a new downtrend.

Being able to detect a trend reversal is about to happen, you can open a position right at the beginning of a new trend and rake in profit.

Have a look at this exciting chart to know how to spot divergences and trend reversals.

With These Alerts, You Determine How Much You Want To Make

If it’s one trade a day… or four… it’s really up to you—taking into consideration the amount of capital you have and the number of currency pairs you’ve chosen.

You can turn it up… or turn it down… however you like…

But it gets better...

You know the saying which goes — "there’s a lot more where that came from"?

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