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This "Chart Pattern" Indicator Scans The Markets 24/5 And Detects All Of The Most Accurate Chart Pattern For You, So You Don't Have To Lift A Finger!

  Here's a shortlist of the patterns our new indicator can identify: Head and Shoulders, Ascending / Descending Triangle, Wedge, Double Top / Bottom, Triple Top / Bottom, etc...

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Hi there,

The "Chart Pattern" indicator does exactly what its name suggests: It scans the market in real time & detects all of the most accurate Chart Pattern for you. And then the indicator plots these patterns beautifully on your charts. It's never been easier to apply Chart Pattern in your trading.

Here's just some of the Chart Pattern that this indicator can detect: Head and Shoulders, Reverse Head and Shoulders, Double Top, Double Bottom, Triple Top, Triple Bottom, Triangle, Rising Wedge, and Falling Wedge...

First of all, let's look at how...

This "Chart Pattern" Indicator Helps You Identify The "Head And Shoulders" Pattern -- Which Many Professionals Consider The Single Best Price Pattern To Trade...

In this example, the formation of this "Head and Shoulders" pattern signals a market reversal. And just as the pattern predicts, this is indeed the beginning of a major uptrend.

Imagine how easy it would be to profit from this uptrend if you had the "Chart Pattern" indicator in your toolbox...

Now, here's a few more examples to illustrate just how powerful the "Head and Shoulders" pattern really is:

Talking of high-probability patterns, here's another powerful pattern the "Chart Pattern" indicator is able to identify:

"Triangle" Pattern...


In this example, the market is trending up... the formation of this ascending Triangle pattern is a strong continuation signal. And sure enough, the market breaks out to the upside and the uptrend continues.

Now, let's take a look at an example of descending Triangle pattern:

Anyway, here's the next pattern our "Chart Pattern" indicator can detect for you:

Falling Wedge and Rising Wedge patterns...

Let's take a look at a Falling Wedge pattern:


This Falling Wedge pattern indicates that there's a high probability the market will break upwards and move into an uptrend. And just as the indicator predicts, this is exactly what happens...

On the other hand, this Rising Pattern pattern is a strong signal that a downtrend will start soon. And it gives you an opportunity to jump on this trend before anyone else.

Moving on... let's talk about probably one of the most common and easy to trade patterns of all:

The Double Top and Double Bottom patterns...

As you can see, when the "Chart Pattern" indicator tells you that a Double Top pattern has appeared, you know that there's a high probability the price will plummet shortly. And if you followed what the indicator told you, you would have gotten a nice, easy winner.

Similarly, the formation of a Double Bottom patterns tells you that a market move to the upside will occur shortly. Here's an example:


And if you love Double Top and Double Bottom patterns, here's the good news: Our "Chart Pattern" indicator can also detect these patterns' cousins -- the Triple Top and Triple Bottom patterns. And these patterns are even stronger signals that the price will rise (for Triple Bottom patterns) or fall (for Triple Top patterns).

And maybe here's the best part:

The "Chart Pattern" indicator will give you audio and visual alerts as soon as a pattern has formed...

That way, you'll be sure that you'll never miss out on an important market move.

But that's not all. Did you know that...

...You can turn on/off the detection of any pattern you'd like...

You can also change ALL of the indicator's parameters (colors, style, enable/disable alerts, etc...)

And here's where it gets interesting:

The Chart Pattern indicator is extremely flexible: You can even adjust the criteria the indicator uses to detect these Chart Pattern. If you decide to set strict criteria, you get less patterns... but these patterns are more powerful. On the other hand, if you choose less strict criteria, you get more patterns and more trade opportunities...

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