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It was a shock to me when I firsthand witnessed the power of this indicator.

I believe you will be surprised by this effective Better Fisher Indicator and how it gives you exact signals.

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You will easily agree that this indicator boosts your trading profit manyfold.

In fact, never have I seen an indicator that powerful

So, enough for talking…

Let’s explore the fascinating features of the Better Fisher Indicator right now

Firstly, take a look at this chart below

If I plainly act upon the blue and red arrows as follows:

- Blue arrow: I'd buy

- Red arrow: I'd sell

I will easily score 2 big winning trades.

It does all the hard work for you, and simply flashes the bullish or bearish alerts at the exact time while the original Fisher Transform could not.

By the way, as you may know, the Fisher Transform is a technical indicator created by John F. Ehlers that converts prices into a Gaussian normal distribution.

The Fisher Transform indicator highlights when prices have moved to an extreme, based on recent prices.

This may help in spotting turning points in the price of an asset. It also helps show the trend and isolate the price waves within a trend.

On a different note, Bollinger Bands indicator uses a normal distribution to give signals when the price may be overextended.

Both Bollinger Bands and Fisher Transform indicators have been widely known and used.


They have certain drawbacks that their signals may come too late for you to enter a trade promptly.

Very often, a trader spots an entry signal and starts to place a buy order, just to realize that the trend does not go accordingly.

Also, Fisher Transform indicator can yield noise at times. Its reading may not be followed by an exact price reversal, but sometimes sideways moving or only a slight reversal followed by a bounce back.

And especially the visual presentation of Fisher Transform indicator does not help you spot the entries or exits that easily.


That’s where we come in…

Our Better Fisher Indicator far surpasses the above-mentioned popular indicators.

And we are not just talking.

We walk the talk.

Actually, the basic formula of Fisher Transform is great.

And, we made it even better by applying certain unique and technical modifications.

Below is another example of 2 huge wins and many smaller wins.

We put our world-class insights and time-tested algorithm to it and give it a NEW, SIMPLE name: Better Fisher Indicator.

As mentioned, our Better Fisher Indicator is built based primarily on the Fisher Transform Formula, but enhanced by our technical competency.

Hence, our Better Fisher Indicator is much more powerful.

And surely, it has also been improved so much on the visual presentation that traders can straight away spot the bullish and bearish alerts based on the crossing of the Fisher line and the zero line.

Therefore, trade setups are displayed clearly and instantly before your eyes.

I’d like to emphasize this point: the purpose of the Better Fisher Indicator is to highlight when the price is reaching turning points.

As simple and straight-forward as that.

And after our thorough and rigorous tests, it just did the job so precisely.

Our Better Fisher Indicator is a more powerful and better version of Fisher Transform indicator, because of Less Lag and More Accuracy.

That also means More Profitable.

Let’s look at another chart below to see how powerful it is.

You can see…

Bullish alert: whenever the indicator detects the price goes up, it will display a blue arrow pointing up at that location.

Bearish alert: whenever the indicator detects that the price goes down, it will show a red arrow pointing down at that exact position.

If I follow the arrows of Better Fisher Indicator, I'd win at almost every arrow, either as blue (for bullish alert) or red (for bearish alert).

Especially, there are two positions on the chart above in case you act promptly along with the Better Fisher Indicator, you could enjoy 2 Huge Easy Wins.

It is because Fisher Indicator can identify the down trend of the price at exactly those 2 positions where the price just starts to decrease.

More Accuracy + Precise Timing = Easy Win

Let’s take a look at another example

If I follow the alerts of red and blue arrows, I can easily score 3 huge winning trades, and another 3 moderate winning ones.

When a blue arrow flashes a bullish alert, I'd buy. Until a red arrow appears, I'd sell.

Done. Easy win.

Out of the total signals displayed, at least one third (1/3) give you moderate to huge wins. The rest do give you small wins.

And that’s it.

What traders want is simply winning big once or twice out of hundreds of trades.

Here it even sounds better, this Better Fisher Indicator gives me ONE big win, out of every THREE or FOUR winning trades.


And for your reference, Better Fisher Indicator automatically calculates the Stop Loss and Take Profit levels, and clearly displays them on screen.

The formulas used by Better Fisher Indicator are as follows:

1) SL (for buy) = <max high price per last X days> + <ATR value>*<ATR ratio>.

2) SL (for sell) = <min low price per last X days> - <ATR value >*<ATR ratio>.

3) TP = <SL>*<TP ratio>.

Besides, the Better Fisher Indicator gives you audio, visual, and pop-up alerts whenever a valid bullish or bearish signal is generated...

  You get UNLIMITED license for the Better Fisher Indicator. So you can use it on unlimited accounts (demo or real) and unlimited PCs.

  You can fully customize ALL parameters of the indicator -- enable/disable any pattern you choose.

  It is, in our opinion, the most complete Fisher indicator ever developed...

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