Everybody tells you that you should trade with the trend. But when exactly should you jump on an ongoing trend WITHOUT getting killed by the chop or retracement?

Does it sometimes feel like every time you enter the current trend, those small market correction or retracement suddenly becomes large reversals, and taking out your stop loss?

Here's how to put an end to ALL of these nagging problems:

This "Solid Double Bar" Indicator Tells You Exactly When And Where You Should Jump On A Trend... So You Could Win More Trades, and Win Bigger Trades...

...By Identifying One Of The Most Accurate Price Patterns According To Statistical Studies...

When This Pattern Happens, You May Know Whether The Current Trend Will Likely Continue... Or A Reversal Is Going To Occur Soon...

Hey there,

Does this sound familiar? Your trading system gives you a buy signal, telling you that an uptrend has just begun. So you enter a trade.

But then, the market immediately reverses. You get stopped out.

To add salt to the wound, just as soon as your stop loss is triggered, you get a second buy signal. The first loss is so painful... you don't want to take the second trade just yet.

But then, this happens:

A huge 1,300-pip uptrend happens in the direction I originally predicted just after I got stopped out.

Or... maybe you're more careful.

And wait for the market to retraces. You know, the market goes up, pulls back, and goes up again, right?

I mean, it's supposed to look like this:

So, price goes up. Then it retraces. Then the retracement seems to stop. This is where I'm supposed to buy, right?

Watch what happens next:

Help... I'm going crazy.

How am I supposed to know whether the trend is gonna continue or whether it's gonna reverse?

And even if the trend eventually continues its original direction, how could I know when the market is gonna stop retracing, so I can avoid entering too early and getting stopped out.

Our new Solid Double Bar indicator solves this problem for you...

Here's how:

Solid Double Bar indicator identifies what we call the Double Bar pattern... and gives you an alert as soon as it shows up.

And when this pattern appears, statistical studies show that there's a high probability that the current trend will CONTINUE rather than reverse.

So you can be certain and confident placing your trade in the direction of the trend.

Let me show you exactly how it works:


So... in this example the price was rising for a while. Then it retraced. Now you're wondering how long this retracement would last...

And then BAM, a Double Bar pattern formed. The indicator gave you an alert. Now you know with great certainty that this uptrend would likely continue.

So we'd enter a long trade...

Let's see what happened next:

This time, because you use Solid DoubeBar indicator, your timing is perfect. Price immediately shoots up in your direction. A quick win.

And it's not stopping there...

You also see that another DoubleBar alert has formed. So that means the market is still very bullish. And the uptrend will last much longer.

Easy, right? You enter another long trade.

Here's what happened next:

The price moves up aggressively in your favor. So in total, the indicator helps you identify 2 long trades: 2 huge wins.

Here's ANOTHER way you can use Solid Double Bar indicator:

You know how hard it is to decide when to exit a trade that's currently in profit.

I mean, how many times I kick myself for exiting a winning trade too soon... just to see the market moves another 500 pips in my direction right after I exit the trade.

It's painful.

But no more. Now I can use Solid Double Bar indicator to manage a trade in profit.

In other words, Solid Double Bar indicator tells you to stay in a winning trade when it still has steam in it. So you won't miss out on a large part of the trend.

Here's what I mean:

By the way, the indicator also gives you a very safe place to place your stop loss.

It's simple. Just place your stop loss below the pattern in a downtrend, or above the pattern in an uptrend.

Notice how price really respects these stop loss levels:

But Hang On... We're Not Done...

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