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Start using our "Volume Wave Divergence" indicator today to enter reversal trades without fear or hesitation.

Because you know, deep in your heart, its built-in Volume + Divergence algorithm could immediately shoot your win rate through the roof... the very second you put it into action.


What exactly is this indicator?

"Volume Wave Divergence" is the first-ever indicator for MT4 that identifies divergence between the price and what we call "Volume Waves".

This kind of divergence is particularly useful because it usually precedes very, very big market moves.

Not only that, the Volume Wave Divergence indicator is also VERY picky. In the sense that it only lets the highest-probability trade setups pass through QUATTRO - our unique set of 4 trade-filtering criteria.

But before we get into all the juicy details, let's first talk about...

Why "Volume Wave Divergence" Is Such A Groundbreaking Discovery...

...When it comes to boosting your reversal trades' accuracy.

You see, divergence is one of the most time-tested & proven strategy for trading reversals.

The best part is -- divergence is UNIVERSAL. It works in MANY markets across ALL timeframes. In other words, many professionals consider divergence as THE standard method for trading reversals.

But here's the thing:

Traditional divergence doesn't take into consideration the underlying VOLUME of each market move. And as such, its accuracy couldn't be as high as it should be.

And that's exactly where Volume Wave Divergence comes in:

Volume Wave Divergence combines traditional divergence AND volume...

...To produce what I think is the most accurate indicator for trading reversals.

But it doesn't stop there...

These volume divergence-based trade setups have to pass what we call the QUATTRO test - our proprietary 4 trade-filtering criteria - in order to be considered a valid setup.

And that's the reason why you can be sure that you only get the very best trade setups with our Volume Wave Divergence indicator.

Just like this one:


Volume Wave Divergence indicator for MT4

It's our #1 tool for trading reversals using a combination of Volume and Divergence. Hands-down the best combo for increasing accuracy.

Let me walk you through these amazing features of the Volume Wave Divergence indicator.

First, it detects the strongest reversal trade setups on ANY given pair and timeframe, using our groundbreaking Volume & Divergence combo algorithm.

Then, these reversal trade setups have to pass our QUATTRO test -- a set of 4 proprietary trade-filtering criteria before the indicator issues a trade signal. That way, you can be sure you only get the highest-probability trade setups.

Here's an example of this kind of high-probability reversal setups:

As close as it gets to a COMPLETE, AUTOMATED trading solution

Once a volume divergence-based trade setup forms, our Volume Wave Divergence indicator will also show you the best place to place your stop loss and take profit.

In other words, it gives you EVERYTHING on a silver platter: High-probability trade entry, stop loss, take profit...

Timely alerts, so you won't miss out on important trades.

You'll get all kinds of alerts: Pop-up, Sound, Email, and Push Notifications as soon as a new volume divergence-based trade setup appears...

And you can customize these alerts in any way you want.

But it gets better...

You know the saying which goes — "there’s a lot more where that came from"?

You'll Also Be Impressed By The Powerful Suite of Indicators Volume Wave Divergence Is A Part Of...

As indicated below, you can download the Volume Wave Divergence indicator right now at a ridiculously low one-time price if you’re one of the first 200 grab it while it lasts.

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So What's Inside The "Premium" Package?

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Technical details:

- This indicator works on Metatrader 4

- Current version: 1.0

- This is a one-time payment, NOT a subscription.

- Your license includes 1 year of updates and support. After one year, you can purchase an update & support plan to continue to receive support & updates (not compulsory)

- You can use the indicator on ANY instrument your Metatrader 4 offers: FX pairs, Gold, Silver, Indices, Futures, Stocks...

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