When This "Trigger Zones" Indicator Turns Purple, I Would Only Look To Sell... When It Turns Blue, I Would Only Look To Buy... It's That Simple!

This helps you win more trades... And boosts the profits each win trade gives you...

Why does it work? Because it's based on the single most important characteristic of the FX market (explained below)...

Hey there,

Would you like an easy win, like the one in the photo above? I sure do.

But it doesn't stop there though. Look at what happens next:

The price went down even further. Another 347 pips in profits...

"Maybe it's just a fluke? What did the indicator show before this downtrend?"

It's simple. The indicator is blue. So I would only look for long trade opportunities.

So it works. But exactly why does it work?

First, you need to know the NATURE of the currency market. It's what experienced traders call "Fundamental-Driven Markets".

That simply means the currency market is driven primarily by larger macroeconomic events and forces. It's just too big for any individual or speculator to manipulate.

Second, because the currency market is fundamentally driven, it produces the CLEANEST trends.

Trendiness is the most important characteristic of the forex market. And it is what you can easily capitalize on.

Next... the market is NOT random...

The currency market is not a game of roulette. It's not random.

Sure, if you trade shorter timeframes, like 5-minute, all you see is noise.

But if you move up and look at longer timeframes (4-hour, daily, weekly), randomness decreases, and the trends start to become clearer and clearer...

For example, look at this daily chart on GBP/USD:

Do you think you could trade this? I bet you could.

What if you can program an indicator that takes advantage of this TRENDINESS of the currency market... to give you an easy way to find the big trends and win more trades?

That's what we did. Introducing...

"Trigger Zones" Indicator

This Trigger Zones indicator does two things. First, it capitalizes on the fact that currency pairs trend well, and trend for a long period of time.

And by identifying the trend's direction, it gives you a statistical edge. So you can win more, and win bigger trades.

Second, it focuses on longer timeframes (4-hour, daily, weekly). So you can eliminate the noise and randomness... and really concentrate on the following the main trend.

And stay in the trade for as long as the trend remains in place to maximize your profits.

And this is the surest way to get a long-term edge, and really profit from the forex market.

But Hang On... We're Not Done...

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